We offer a complete range of services, if you don't see what you need just let us know!

Service Packages:

Safety Service-

Includes check and adjust only, no replacement or additional labor included

Signature Service-

Includes labor for minor additional work such as tire/tube changes as needed, as well as, basic cable/chain/grips replacement labor, however, cables/chains/grips and other parts are extra. More extensive labor such as handlebar wrapping, bottom bracket replacement or similar work will require additional labor charges.

Pro Service-

Includes everything listed in the Signature Service in addition to an excessively greasy ,grimy , or unknown creak due to the additional time it takes to clean the drivetrain an/or headset/bottom bracket in order to adjust the bike.

Overhaul Service-

Includes everything listed in the Pro Service in addition all additional labor is included with the exception of suspension work.

Bicycle Fitting Services:

Bike Rentals: